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Cursuri de limba greacă (on skype)

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Bucuresti, 17 ian, 01:40
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Cursuri de limba greacă (on skype)

salut! Sunt grec si profesor de limba greaca, dar nu vorbesc romaneste (I only know some words and phrases). I have a big experience in teaching. I am a MA student in Linguistics in Greece;

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I have got a Bachelor's degree in Greek Language and Literature (with specialization in Classics) from the University of Ioannina, Greece, and I am currently a Master's student in Historical Linguistics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. In 2015 I worked as a Modern Greek Language teacher during my traineeship at the Aristotle University and in 2017 I carried out an Erasmus traineeship by teaching Greek at the "Fundatia Culturala Greaca" in Bucharest, where I also acted as an examiner in the oral modules for the Greek Language certification. Moreover, I have been giving private lessons not only to foreigners but also to Greek High School students for the last 5 years. I speak English very well and French at a B1 level.

I live in Thessaloniki and I give private lessons on skype.

Price: 12 euros (56 lei) per hour.

You can also find me on Facebook as "Pantazis Stougianas".

Thank you for your time! :-]