17.000 €

Finland is the Best in Scandinavia for Sex Busines

Finland has today only 109 Girls in the entire country. We know which cities are the best in Finland. We know how long to stay in each city before moving to the next city
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Rates are on average 200 Euros per hour

Very nice girls can get 220 or 240 euros per hour

The local currency is in euros which is great


Clients have money to spend

Most people do not know much about Finland

This is where our experience is a proven success

We know all the best cities where you can have

40 to 60 clients call you per day .. yes per day :-))

Contact Sara: sara-mee@protonmail.com


In these times it quite fantastic

Also very important is there is very little corona in Finland


If you would like co-operation please send me your photos

and of course your name and number


I will return your mail and call


Contact Sara: sara-mee@protonmail.com