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Fete, earn a minimum of $ 10,000 per month Denmark

earn a minimum of $ 10,000 per month! and get a fantastic experience. I am looking for an escort girl, who wants to work in Denmark (Scandinavia)
We take great care of the girls we work together with
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Earn a minimum of $ 10,000 per month! and get a great experience !!

You will get really good conditions.

We always take good care of the girls we work together with and always send well and safely home again, when we finish working together.

You will live in a new apartment, with your own large room.

we share the money 50/50.

Denmark is a very peaceful country, and we have no bad experiences, but we will always take care of your security.

You decide how long you want to stay, and what you want to do.

You can at any time back off on a deal, if you change your mind about something.

We will provide everything you need. (Rent, food, adds etc.)

We also provide travel expences, such as flight ticket, and Taxi if it is needed.

For more information, send me a message or call me on WhatsApp or Email.

Does this sound like something for you, or do you have any questions, contact me on

WHATSAPP +45 52 71 87 41

Email: peterandersen085@gmail.com

If you like, we can also have a skype or facetime conversation,

So we can just see each other and so you can feel completely safe.