20.000 €

Denmark open for business

we have worked all the way through corona in Denmark. We have apartments in many of the best cities in Denmark. Contact: alexa-mee@protonmail.com
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Inside Denmark we did not really have a lock down. What we did have is great business every day. While most of Europe was busy watching TV for many months - we were busy making money every day.

Now corona is spreading again and many countries are going onto the banned list — the dreaded red zone. This means you cannot travel as normal — BUT — you can travel with a valid reason for travel — this reason I can give to you officially at any time

Countries under threat of closing business down again and borders

-- Austria

-- Germany

-- UK

-- Spain once again could be in trouble

-- Countries bordering many countries are in the Danger Zone

Denmark has almost Zero Corona

— Life is normal for us

— and business continues

The Big Question is where to Next ?

— The answer is simple — Denmark

— Business is legal

— Apartments are legal

— The cities we work in have not got many girls

— And business is good

— For example Copenhagen has 1,000 Girls and — business is Bad !

— Prices are low in Copenhagen

— Girls work for little and have few clients

With our multi city apartments in Denmark

— You can work 7 days in one good city then move to the next city

— and be busy in all cities immediately

We have the experience to make you a lot of money

We can keep you busy for 2 too 4 weeks or longer if you want

Our requirements are very simple

— You are friendly

— Nice attitude

— Good service

— Speak ok English

-- Look good and present yourself good

We are not Drama people

We do not want drama queens or trouble makers

We have very good experiences with Romanian girls

and now we only want to work with Romanian Girls

and we really welcome you to Denmark

Please do make contact today

— Send me 2 recent photos of you

— So I can give you a good reply

— Your number and name

I have work for you immediately — I will reply fast to you

Warm Welcome Alexa