Job. VIP catering service branch manager

Fresh, on spot made food for Cinema City VIP clients.
Refael Taragan Operation are looking for a branch manager in the new cinema in Timisoara.
  • Domeniu de activitate: Restaurant, hotel, alimentatie
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Timisoara, 21 iul, 16:35
195 vizite

Detalii suplimentare

Fresh made food in VIP cinema is a new concept which is spreading worldwide, Refael Targan Operation is the leading company in the sector which provides fresh, on spot made food to the Cinema City VIP clients.

Our team works hand in hand with the cinema city team in order to maximize customer experience and ultimately provide the best service in the market.

Key responsibilities:

- Human resources - finding employees for our kitchen on site.

-Coordinating and communicating with the VIP manager and the marketing department from cinema city.

- Monitoring quality of food, and the quantity which goes out of the kitchen.

- communicating daily with the kitchen manager , making sure the kitchen runs smoothly.

- Weekly checkups of the kitchen cleaning quality.

- Making sure all HACCP rules are followed as required.

- Coordinating special events.

- Weekly performance reports/Monthly performance reports.

- Monthly inventory.

Key requirements:

- Positive attitude and excellent communication skills.

- Understanding of how food preparation relates to delivering an excellent guest experience.

- Problem solving and quick thinking skills in fast paced situations.

- Computer understanding - word, excel, etc.

- Flexible schedule - morning, evening, weekends, holidays.

- English